Great Boobs

By: Akash Banerjee


It all started on the day of Holi of 2007 and it is an absolute true incident that brought a mark change in my life. I am Akash, 20 years of age studying in Pune in a renowned college of India. I am six feet tall, a bit athletic body as I go to the gym and swimming pretty frequently. Now coming to the girl of my story, Amrita, she is my class mate and both of us are from the same hometown- Kolkata. Now this girl, though not great in height (5 feet 3 inches) but has the figure (36 D breast and ass size must be 36) to make the entire college look at her booty when she is around. Coupled with the sexy figure was her fairness. She was practically milk white and brown hair. As she was from my hometown we met the first day in college and ever since we have become very good friends and today she is one of my closest pals. And in class we used to sit together often and often my hand used to touch her boobs (accidentally in the beginning but later intention was also added).
Now coming to the main part of my story. It was the Holi day and she called me up in the morning to ask if I could go down to her hostel. I assured her that I will do so. After enjoying the entire day with my friends I decided to go down to her place. It was around 12 in the noon and when I reached I saw the girls were at the verge of packing up the day’s fun and enjoyment. I have 3 other friends also staying in the same hostel. And I was greeted by a bucket full of splash on me as soon as I entered the hostel premises. Then I also smeared violet color on them. Five minutes went by and the two other girls told that they would come back in 2 minutes time as their warden was calling them. So Amrita was there. She just gave a sweet smile and wished happy Holi and just asked how was the celebration in my place and who who from the college had come. I was also speaking with her when an idea suddenly came to me. I decided to rub my hand totally on her face(as it was totally not black yet). So I just got behind her and rubbed my hands on her face and was telling “hey happy Holi” and I decided not to stop at her face. I just continued to her neck and without my realization my hand slid into her shirt and then to her cleavage. And as realization came back to me I was confused what to do. What I did next I still don’t know why I did it. I just pushed my palm inside the left cup of her bra and fondled her breasts for 3-4 seconds. Then suddenly I realized the act that I committed. I took out my hand. I was expecting a terrible reaction from Amrita. But quite shockingly to me she just looked at me blankly and had a smirk on her face.
Anyways that was the Holi day. And we never spoke about the incident neither did she ever ask me why I did it or anything. I was kind off confused as to how to approach her. I was feeling really strange to be in-front of her. Then suddenly around a fortnight after Holi she just gave a sms “where they soft?” I replied back “yes.” And again in the moment of madness I messaged her “can it happen again”. Again after sending I was regretting as this time I expected a terrible outcome for my behavior. She didn’t reply back for around 20 minutes. I was gathering my courage to call her and apologize and other stuff when suddenly a message comes from her “I don’t know”.
From that day my relation with her grew a bit strange. I was always uncomfortable to be with her as I was not sure how she was thinking of me or what was her reaction from inside towards me. Anyways about a month after Holi our exams started and we were busy with our preparations and the papers. After that we came back home and slowly I started to forget the incident.
During the holidays when we friends were catching up in a mall one of the friend came up with the idea of making a two day trip to Puri in Orissa (patent place for the people of Calcutta). The idea seemed good as none of us had any job and were getting royally bored at home. After taking permission from home four of us decided to go down to Puri for a couple of days. Siddharth, Pooja (Siddharth’s girl friend) Amrita and me. Siddharth and Pooja were very excited as they could have all the time to themselves. Amrita and I were thinking how to make the trip enjoyable as we were sure both of us would have to spend time together as the couple would like to be left to themselves only.
Coming straight to the incident on the beach on the first day. The couple decided to go for a walk down the beach and two of us were left alone. We had no work except the obvious, i.e. Run into the waves and have fun. Now Amrita was wearing a white cotton t-shirt and a short which ended at least 6 inches above her knee. For the first time I saw her milky white thighs. As soon as we came out of the water the evident thing happened. Her shirt was totally a see through and was totally clinging to her body. And her bra was also not protecting her nipples from protruding and her areolas were totally visible. I just stared at them for about a few seconds and she in a soft appealing voice told “Akash. Please stop staring at them”. I apologized. But in my mind wild thoughts were running and I just wanted to suck them. Fondle them. Press them. Whatever, after some time the remaining two returned and we four had a hell lot of a fun. When we were in the water the force of the waves were pretty much and it was making it difficult for us to stand in a stable way. Amrita was clutching on to me and frequently waves would come and she would trip and loose her balance and I would hold her and touch her body, brush her boobs, press them. Twice the water came above her chest height and I took the opportunity to press her boobs. I am sure she must have noticed it even though she was not responding and behaving as if nothing was happening. Nothing in the evening happened worth mentioning though I was caught several times staring at her breasts and she always admonished me by a smirk. Next day in the beach she was wearing a black t-shirt. So there was no entertainment. Now in the evening Siddharth and I decided to have a booze party. We got the booze to the room (we decided to have it in the girls room as it was totally sea facing). During the party I offered a small peg of vodka to Amrita and she refused as she was not comfortable with drinking. After a couple of hours Siddharth asked blankly “Akash. Please sleep in this room as Pooja and I would be taking a night out” I gladly agreed. And soon the couples left and two of us were left. We decided to go for dinner. We returned at around 10.30 in the night and in the room still a bit of booze were left (a bottle of beer and a little bit vodka). I just casually asked amrita if she wanted it. To my surprise she replied “I wouldn’t mind the vodka”. I asked her why she refused in the evening when everyone was drinking. She replied that she would have her first drink with a very few special person. I was really happy. I told her to change and come. We can then start. She agreed. And the next few second I will never be able to forget in my life. She just went to a corner of a room and took of her shirt and her bra. What she never realized was that a mirror rite beside her totally made her boobs visible to me in the reflection. I just started at them. They were beautiful. Perfect white melons with a pair of light brown areola. Then she slid her sweat shirt on with no bra inside and went in the toilet to change the trousers. When she came out she was looking like a sex queen. Sea green sweat shirt and a cream color Nike shorts. She came and sat down in d settee opposite me and I made her drink with a small peg of vodka with sprite. She started seeping it slowly. She just closed her eyes and kept them shut for a minute. I just couldn’t get out of my mind the sight of her boobs. I just wanted to eat them. I just started a normal conversation with her and after sometime she told that she was feeling cold as she was sitting right beside the window and the sea breeze was a bit chilly. I told her to cum to my side and she did so.
After a couple of minutes we were really close to each other and I felt she gave the full indication to proceed. Suddenly I gave her a peck on her right cheek. She smiled at me and brought her lips towards me. We just started to lip kiss. We allowed the other to suck the lips and the tongue. And while we were kissing I was busy fondling her boobs (on top of the shirt). I kissed her neck and proceeded down to her collarbones and chest and a little bit of her cleavage. All this time she had slid her hand inside my shirt and was rubbing me with her soft warm hands. We were sitting on the ground next to the bed and while we were kissing we just sifted to the corner of the bed. I made her lay down and me on top and there was a totally different look in her eyes. I don’t know what they meant. I just continued kissing her body all over the shirt and my leg was in between her two legs and she was rubbing her vagina with my leg and was making small moaning noises. Very soon I just slid her sweat shirt over and there it was. The scene was out of this world. I just couldn’t hold even for a second. I took one of her nipples in my mouth instantly and sucked her really hard. And along with this I was fondling her other breast. I guess I was really hard as she told me to do it softly as I was hurting her. I was kissing all over her body. From her naval to her forehead. Even she loved it like crazy. She removed my shirt and got on top of me with me below. Now it was her turn to kiss my shoulder and chest and stomach. I had all the plans of laying her that night. I pulled her shorts down and underneath she was wearing a white panty. As I slid my hand under the panty she told me “No Akash. We are not having any sex nor are we going to take off our niche ka undergarments as I believe that sex should me done only with one person. So I am not opening my panty. And I opened so much in front of you because I trust you to respect my principles.” I agreed because I couldn’t disrespect a woman’s dignity and her wishes. So both of us were without any shirt and we felt each others warmth and enjoyed for around an hour. I guess I must have sucked her more than 30 minutes. I kissed her vagina over her panty and licked my tongue over the panty. I could still taste her salty liquids that were seeping out. Then we slept off with her in my arms and I with the heavenly feeling of her soft boobs pressing against my chest.
The next morning she got up before me and was playing with my hair when I got up. God. What a sight it was to see the perfect big soft white boobs right in front of my eyes. I kissed her nipples. And put it in my mouth and sucked for a few seconds. She asked tamely “aren’t you satisfied dear. Do you still want to continue?” I just buried my face in her boobs and cleavage and kissed them, rolled my tongue on them and left a trail of my saliva on her boobs.
She saw the time and it was around 7 in the morning. We had to leave my 9.30-10.00 as we had our train to Kolkata from Bhubaneswar, which was around 3 hours by road from Puri. I messaged Siddharth that we would meet in the lobby by 8.00 and have breakfast, pack and leave.
Amrita was brushing her teeth. She was in her panty and a towel wrapped around her. She was not wearing any shirt except the wrapped towel. I just went behind her and kissed her on her ears and bit her ear softly and very slowly chewed them. And my one hand was on her stomach. That really turned her on. I asked her if she wanted it again. She replied back “no time honey. We are late.” That was true. It was nearly 7.40 and both of us had to bath. An idea came to my mind. I just asked her casually hoping she wouldn’t mind it. I told her we can do it and still be on time if we take our bath together. And there was a bath tub in the bathroom.
We filled it up and both us got in. The cold water send shivers through her body (mine also) and we just clamped onto the other for some warmth. We did smooch and suck and kind off made out in the tub. After about 15 minutes we thought to get up. She was really reluctant to do so. But I told her we loads of time but the train won’t wait for us. She agreed and she got up and now I had a chance to see her butts for the first time (as she was wearing a white cotton panty and it was totally see through after being wet). When she turned towards me I could make out that she keeps her pubic hair totally shaved. She just wrapped herself in a towel and went outside the bathroom. I also got out in another 2 minutes time and dressed up. Even while both of us were dressing up we couldn’t control ourselves from being in each other’s arms and smooch each other.
Finally in two minutes we went down to the lobby. Siddharth and Pooja were already there. I started to pull their leg on what were they up to last night. Thank god they didn’t have any clue or indication as to what happened in the night between Amrita and me.
Anyways now months have passed after the incident. I made love (no sex) with Amrita 3 times after that. Once in her home and twice in Pune.
Even though she is not my girlfriend, she is my best friend. I really want to know what feelings she has for me and our relation (is it love or is it lust). And today both of us are committed to someone else and just hope our relation with each other doesn’t create a complication in both of our lives. But whatever it was, it was my first encounter with a girl’s body and I would cherish it forever and I am really happy that I did it with the person who I can trust like crazy.
I apologize to the people for writing a very long incident. But the moments were so sweet and warm that I wrote a lot of details. If people have any views on the incident and any comment on whatever is written in the previous paragraph please reply to
Hope you all people liked my first encounter with boobs.
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