I raped my father's sister

By: sunny

This is my 1st story on this site. I've read many stories from this site& now I am going to tell you a real story. This is an incident that happened with me about 3 years back. But 1ST LET ME INTRODUCE MYSELF TO YOU ALL.My name is sunny singh& I am very hungry for sex I am in b-com 2nd year& I live in meerut.my penis is 6.5 inches and very strong & after this incident i came to know that i can fuck anyone to longer extent after reading this story if any girl or lady want some hot chat or sex with me I can satisfy you. You can contact me from my mail it is binny123456@gmail.com .

Anyway wihout making you all bore I come to my story.I was in class 11th when this incident took place.I have my father's sister she is too sexy wow what to tell about her sex appeal about her sexy body.Let me describe her she is not very beautiful but she is very-2 sexy she is about 40 years this time & at that time she was 38 her boobs are exactly round&what to say about her figure wow.38-32-38 & a lovely pair of breasts& butts she really looks very sexy when she is in her nighty and she doesn't wear anything underneath it.Her name is pinki(changed name)

So now i tell you about wht had happened I started looking at her beauty from very young age & i was wanting her for a fuck. I started thinking of her when I first saw her at my home in sari & barefoot she came with my father from her job and said that she has come to see her father my grandpa & will be staying with us till evening so she also brought her kids with her.

So when she came in I started looking at her when she started preparing the meal with my mother. During this time I started watching her foot and from there my feeling to fuck her started so whenever I was free& whenever I went to her home I was looking at her only.Some years passed& from my 6th i came in 11th.One day I went to their home with my father it was 8 p.m.Today she was wearing a green sari wow how sexy she was looking.After i saw her I decided to touch her body parts at any cost so when every one seated I went next to her and seated myself.When my father was talking something about newspaper he asked me to hand it over to him from my aunt's side so i took it but in the mean time I got disbalanced & for the support I took the support of my aunt but fortunately my hand went to her tummy and I touched her back(qamar) with my hand.Wow what a feeling I got at once I was feeling an erection in my penis then at many other times with the idea of taking the paper i touched her back & the feeling i was getting was really nice.Then after some time she went to the kitchen to do some work I went behind her with an idea of taking the water & touched her bare neck she turned arouned with a fear and saw me & gave me water then we came back to our home.

Then after that i was unable to sleep i started doing hastmathun.I did it for many days & then a feeling stared coming in my mind to make her mother of my child & to put my sperms in her underwear so I thought for it & finally got a chance to do so.One day I went to my english tution, from there I went to her house& there she was alone her hubby was out on his work& children went to play so she was alone.WOW what she was looking in her gown without any undergarment beneath it & when i saw this & her beauty beween her breasts I started feeling an erection in my penis so by the false saying for toilet I went to her bathroom & started searching her underwear & finally i found it so i made myself completely naked and then kissed her underwear weared it & took my sperms out in it.WOW what a feeling i got from it but I was still not satisfied coz i wanted to fuck her.

Now I wanted to fuck the sexy at any cost so I started looking for the opportunities to get her at any cost.Finally I got a chance for this.One day i went to her home my uncle was in Allahabad at that time and her children went to school.With the intension of fucking her I took the leave from the school coz I came to know that she is also not feeling well & therefore will not be going to school so I also took the leave & on the next day when my parents went to their work i took bath ,took my camera & prepared myself to visit her.I wore only a T-shirt & half pant without any undergarments & went to her house.As I reached her home I found the gate was not locked properly so I got a chance& went straight to her bedroom after locking the gate propely& bringing down the slider so that no one could see what is happening inside.When i entered her room she was sleeping in pink sari which was up to her knees & was transrarent also from their her tummy was visible from her blouse I was able to see her bra this made my penis erect.So I closed the door switched on the camera &got myself seated beside her soon as I sit she woke up surprised to see me there so she asked me how am i inside &I told her that gate was not properly closed & papa told me about your health so I came to see you she also sat on her bed without realising her position &asked me why I was in half pants today but insead of replying her I was waching her body&her barefoot she saw me like this& noticed that bedroom door has been locked with a little fear when she asked again I said KAMINI aaj to tu bhut sexy dikh rahi hai tune mughe apne jism se pagal kar rakha hai aaj saali tughe chutke rahoonga.With this I pushed her back to the bed &jumped on that bitch she started screaming aloud I was little afraid but I knew that her bedroom was soundproof so without bothering I started raping her.

I took her hands into mine hold them tightly& started kissing her she tried to escape but i locked her tightly& kissed her lips wow what a feeling i was getting suddenly she managed to get her out of my grip&escape but coz the door was locked she was not able to get out I catched her again& started pulling her sari she ran but when i pulled the sari she fell on the ground she turned her face towards me&started begging for her but i was in no mood I said kutia ye teri us baat ki saza hai jab tune mujhe danta tha ab uska natija dekh.Now she was only in her blouse&petticoat so I took of my clothes& now i was completely nude infront of her she was still crying for help but none was there after nakeding myself I jumped on her like a wild&hungry wolf i pulled the knot of petticoat& pushed it with my feet it slided of then holding her hands i took of her blouse& teared her bra.Now she was only in her underwear which didn't remain long as I teared it also&without wasting anytime i kept my erect penis(lund,cock)on her vulva(chut,pussy)&with a hard pushed it completely in her chut she started yielling at the top of her voice but i closed her mouth&started my penis motion of taking it in&out &i started licking her lips without wasting anytime&without realisin that her chut has een bursted she tried to get herself out of my grip but was unable to do so while fucking her hard i was least bohered about her health&i never came to know that her chut was bursted&blood was coming out.Suddenly she freed her right hand from the grip of my left hand&pushed me aside&went to her bathroom which was attached to her room to escape from me but as she tried to close the door i kicked it she fell backi turned the cameratowards the bathroom and jumped on her she was escaping but her feet came in my hand&I pulled her back she was upsidedown coz she was running but as i pulled her back i took hold of her bare& lovely butts i grabbed them with my nails& pushed my lund in her chut coz she was in doggy style this injured her butts but i took hold of her nude breasts tightly&started fucking her again.She was yielling a the top of her voice but i was showing her no mercy then after 15 minutes of fucking her in bathroom in dog style I felt the pressure of my semen coming out so i took it out&lifted my aunt in my arms&threw her on the bed&I lied on her fucking her again.so uske 5min baad maine apne aunty ki chut me apna sara semen 7-8 pichkari me daal diya.mere mal se uski chut puri tarah se bhar gayi ab mein thanda pad gaya and then i rested beside her with my penis still in her chut.After 5-7min jab mera lund sikur ke chota ho gaya tab meinne use bahar nikala or phir apni bua ki chut kholke dekhi mera semen bilkul gayab ho gaya tha or woh ro rahi thi jab mainne pucha kya hua to woh kahne lagi tune meri jindagi barbad kardi apni bua ka hi rape kiya main teri police mein kahungi tab main utha or usko apne camre mein bani uski balatkar ki video dikhayi or kaha ki agar kisi ko kaha to ye video public me jayegi or phir tu soch ki kya hoga to she said ki tera lund se kuch meri chut mein gaya tere uncle ko kya kahongi ki ye bacha jo mere mein pal raha hai kiska hai to I said I will give you the pills from market don't worry but for now do what i say she had to agree coz now i was blackmailing her then she asked me what else to do i said sex with me again & we did so again how that i will tell you in other part"FUCKING MY FATHER'S SISTER" then she said now please leave me but i was in no mood so i took hold of her breasts&With my lund in her chut started urinating in her chut she cried aloud what are you doing.After that I took bath with her & fucked her again.That is in my 2nd part mentioned above.

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