Dost Ki Mausi Ji - Part 2

By: Chacha Jaani

After few minutes of panting and caressing each other, we got up and cleaned our-self and laid together once again. "Wah Mausi maza aa gaya, aapne to kamal kar diya," (Hey Aunty, we enjoyed a lot and you were wonderful) Raju said. She was lying between us and we were caressing her boobs and tummy. Kitni badi badi hain yeh, (How big are these) I complimented her about her boobs. But she was in a pensive mood and was not in her usual cheerful mood. Suddenly she started sobbing softly... Kya hua mausi, aap ro kyun rahi hain? (What happened Aunty, why are you weeping ) asked Raju, very concerned. "Hey bhagwan maine ye kya kar liya tum dono ke sath. Mujhe ye sab nahi karna chahiye tha. Agar kisi ko pata chal gaya to main to mar hi jaaungi." (oh God, what have I done with you two, I should not have done it. If some body comes to know about it, I will die of shame)"Lekin mausi, kisi ko pata kaise chalega," (But Aunty, how anybody would come to know) said Raju."Agar tumne kisi ko bata diya to tum soch sakte ho ki mera kya haal hoga" (If you told any body, then imagine what would be my position)"Aunty hum itne bewqoof nahi hain ki yeh baat kisi ko batayen aur aap ko pareshaani me daale," (Aunty we are not so stupid that we would tell this to somebody and put you in problem) I intervened. 'Nahi aise nahi, uth kar baitho' (No No, this wont do, getup and sit down)We sat up obediently. 'Ab apne hath me apna apna pakro.' (Now hold yours in your hands) Surprised, we looked at each other and caught our naked cocks in our respective hands.
"Ab inki kasam khao ke is bare me kabhi kisi se koi zikar nahi karoge." (now swear on these that you wont tell anybody) she demanded.'Hum apne lund ki kasam khate hain ki is bare me kabhi kisi ko kuch nahi batayenge.' Fully aware of the consequences if we broke our oath, we solemnly swore on our cocks that we shall never breathe a word about this to anybody. On hearing the word 'lund (cock)' she blushed but at last she seemed to be satisfied and laid down again, flanked by us on either side. "Chalo ab acche baccho ki tarah so jao" (Now sleep like good boys), she directed. "Oh mausi, abhi to maine kuch bhi nahi kiya (But aunty, I have not done any thing yet)", Raju pleaded. "Ji Aunty, mai bhi woh karna chahta hun jo raju ne kiya tha" (Yes Aunty, I also want to do the same, what Raju has done) I also put in my demand. (after-all being a well bred boy, I could not say to her "ki main aapse apna lauda chuswaana chahta hoon" (That I want to get my cock sucked by you).We were constantly caressing her boobs, tummy and cunt during this conversation. That had an effect on her and gradually her hands wandered to our standing cocks. We sensed that slowly she is coming in mood. Raju caught hold of one boob and started sucking and I started kissing her cheeks. She had creamy skin and we were enjoying her body contact too much."Tum dono toh tayyar ho gaye ho (both of you have become ready)", she said while wanking our rampant cocks, "lekin mai thak gayi hoon. Ab so jaao, baaki kal kar lenge" (but I am tired so now sleep and we will enjoy tomorrow)"Nahi nahi mausi, hume toh bikul neend nahi aayegi, please karne do na. Dekho toh, iski kya haalat ho rahi hai (No no Aunty, we will not be able to sleep at all, please let us do it, see its condition)," Raju said, indicating toward his cock. "Haan dono pure tayyar hain. Lagta hai tum kiye bina manoge nahi." (yeah both are fully ready, it seems you wont leave me without doing it)" she said
"Haan aunty, ab aap pehle ki terah ghori ban jaaieye (Yes aunty, now you take doggy position like the first time)".

Smiling, she got on all fours, I got down from the bed and positioned myself in front of her face and Raju happily got in position behind her hips. In the dim light, he stared wonderingly at her big hips, caressed them and suddenly bent and started kissing them, while his other hand cupped her full size choochi (Boob). Oh Ohhhh, she moaned and her hand caught my prick. She rubbed my cock on her cheeks, on her eyes and smelled it by rubbing on her nose. A drop of precum had appeared on my supara (cock head), which I rubbed on her luscious lips. Her tongue snaked out and she licked her lips and my supara, savoring the taste. Raju was still kissing her buttocks, and had also started fingering her choot. She had now started moaning and directed him, "Chal ab thuk laga ke dheere dheere ghusa (now lubricate it with saliva and insert slowly)". His fingers were now wet from her cunt, he scooped some more juice from her cunt and moistened his cock, aimed and pushed. "Ohhh!" he said as he felt the hot liquid fuck hole swallow half of his throbbing shaft. She hissed, pushed back her ass and swallowed his cock upto the balls in one shot. I lifted her chin and pushed my cock in her mouth - about 2 inches, and she happily started sucking. Taking firm hold of her hips, Raju started banging her earnestly. "Abe dheere dheere kar (hey do it slowly)" - I advised him, but he was in no mood to listen. The bed started shaking violently, room was filled with sound and smell of fucking. My cock slipped from her mouth and she moaned "Uff Uff Uff, Aahista kar Aahista (Oh do it slowly slowly);" but mad with lust he continued to pump her. She bent her head and also started fucking back so as to get off with Raju. In between she managed to suck my cock, whenever it entered her mouth.
Soon Raju started moaning "oh nikla oh nikla, nikla (Oh coming coming)" and he shot his boiling cum in her equally hot cunt. Feeling the hot jets inside her, she squealed softly and started sucking me again. Raju fell away, spent, she inserted her fingers in her cunt and started fingering furiously. I was also doing my bit by squeezing her swaying breasts and within 2-3 minutes I filled her mouth. That triggered her orgasm also and she collapsed whimpering.After resting for some time, we cleaned ourselves and again laid together. "Tum dono ne toh mujhe thaka diya (both of you have drained me)" she complained. "par aunty aap ko maza bhi to aaya (but aunty you have also enjoyed)""haan bahut dino me aisa maza mila hai, aur do do ka to aaj pehli baar maza liya hai (yeah after too long I have enjoyed like this... And this is my first enjoyment with two at a time)""mausi, ab aap hamare saath rahengi to aise hi aish karengi (now aunty you will enjoy like this if you remain with us)" raju ne dialogue mara."accha badmash aik hi raat me teri jaban bhi chalne lagi, pehle to sidhe munh baat bhi nahi karta tha. (Oh you rascal, you have started boasting in one night only, earlier you did'nt even talk to me properly)" "sorry mausi, mujhe maaf kar dijiye, par ab to main aapka pakka dost ban kar rahunga' (Sorry aunty, forgive me but now I will be your friend) raju said."theek hai theek hai, lekin dhyan rakhna ki doosron ke saamne, main abhi bhi tumhari mausi hi hoon, koi faltu baat nahi karna nahi to kisi ko shaq ho jayega" (OK OK, but remember I am still your aunty in front of others, so no loose talks otherwise somebody would get suspicious)"Ji mausiji (yes aunty)" raju solemnly accepted.
Aur shukriya mana apne dost ka, jiski wajah se yeh sab ho gaya, varna tu to gobar ganesh hi hai' (and thank your friend due to whom all this happened, otherwise you would have remained an idiot) she said smilingly.

Nahi aunty maine koi jaan bujh kar nahi kiya tha, who toh neend main mera haath aapki chhaati par pad gaya tha' (no aunty I did'nt do it knowingly, my hand cupped your boobs while I was asleep) I pleaded my innocence. 'Haan haan main jaanti hun, par chalo, jo bhi hua, accha hi hua' (yes yes I know, but what ever happened was good) mausi said.During all this meethi meethi baaten (sweet talks), we were kissing and playing with each other's bodies, with the result that again our cocks were ready and her cunt had turned moist again. I inserted a finger in her cunt and slowly started fingering. She started enjoying and said 'ek se kuch nahi hoga, do ungali ghusa ke kar' (one wont do, insert two fingers).'ungli kyon aunty, main asli cheez ghusa ke aapki sewa karta hoon (why finger Aunty, I will serve you by inserting the real thing)' I was still shy to say 'Lund' in front of her.'Tum dono to mera satyanaash kar doge. Kar le, par yeh aakhri baar hai, aur abki baar ek ne hi karna hai' (Both of you will ruin me, ok do it but this is the last time and only one will do it)'Ok. Aunty jaisa aap kahen (as you wish)' I was more than happy as I also wanted to fuck her alone this time. Raju made space for us. She was lying on her back and spread her legs, I mounted between her fat thighs and started rubbing my cock between her cunt lips. 'Chal ab raha nahi jata, der mat kar, jaldi se ghusa de' (I cant bear it, now hurry up and insert it,) she said.I positioned my cock and pushed strongly. One push and my cock entered half way through her wet but tight cunt. She gave a strong rebound from below with her powerful hips and I was in...right up to my balls. She pulled my face to hers and started kissing and sucking my lips. I started pumping her slowly but with long strokes. This maddened her. "Tu toh pakka chodu hai re. ( you are a first class fucker. First time she used such words in the heat of her passion) she complimented. 'Bahut maze de raha hai, aise hi kar, dhire dhire kar, aaj toh mai nihal ho gayi' (You are giving me too much pleasure, continue doing it, slowly slowly, oh today I am in heaven)
Raju was looking on jealously. I was also in heaven enjoying the liquid tightness of her cunt. I kept on pumping her, gradually increasing my speed and said, 'aap ne hi sikhya hai aunty, aap ka hi student hoon.' (Aunty you have taught me all this, I am your student only)tu toh distinction se pass hoga, bahut bada thoku banega, bahut ladkiyon ku khush rakhega,' (you will pass with distinction, will become a first class fucker and please many girls) teacher aunty ne aashirwad diya (blessed me). She folded her widened legs on her tummy, her cunt was now gaping open. 'Ab daal andar, pura ghusa ke dhakke laga, aise jyada andar tak jayega' (now insert it fully inside and start banging, so it will go deep inside)I started pumping her in earnest, she started squealing softly 'oh oh, mar gayi, arre maar hi dalega kya, dheere, dheere, haan aise hi, mai hone waali hun, haan ab tej aur tej, oh oh mai gayi mai gayi, oooh haaaaaaye' I also was close to cumming, 2-3 pushes more and I also filled her cunt with whatever cum my aching balls could produce and fell lifeless on her breast. After few minutes, I got up and fell on the other bed. Mausi groaned and wiped her cunt and saw Raju waiting patiently, his cock in hand. 'Main bahut thak gayi hoon, aa abhi mere paas let ja, abhi thodi der me karenge' she groaned. (I am very tired, come lie with me, we will do it after some time)'OK mausi, no problem' and he laid beside her and cupped her boobs. She also caught his cock and started kissing him. After 10-15 minutes of petting and caressing, she came in mood and said, 'chal ab aaza, aur shuru me aaram se pyaar se dheere dheere karna, jaise isne kiya tha. Railgaadi mat chala dena' (Now come and start slowly like he did it, dont speed up like a train)

'Ji Mausi, abki baar main theek se karunga.' (Yes aunty, I will do it properly now) She welcomed him with open legs and he mounted her. This time he was less gauche and gently pushed his cock upto his balls in her hungry cunt and laid on her tummy without moving, kissing and caressing her. After few minutes of savoring the pleasure, he started gentle in-out movements. 'Wah beta, ab toh tu bhi dhang se karna seekh gaya' (Hey son you have also learned to do it properly) I complimented him. 'Haan...jab itni acchi...oh...teacher hain,...toh...toh...kyun nahi seekhuga' (yes when I have such nice teacher then why would not I learn) he replied pantingly. Mausi smiled at the compliment and then happily started pushing up her ample hips to meet his thrusts. After few minutes of this delicate and tender lovemaking, both died down almost simultaneously in a mutual discharge.We were now totally fucked out. Both of us had spent three times, but mausi got fucked four times and she had drunk 2 cum loads also. She was simply drained and muttered tiredly 'tumne toh mera bhurta bana diya, ek raat me to meri itni chudaai kabhi nahi huyi.' (You have pulverised me, I have never been fucked so much in one night) She blushed immediately after realizing what she had said. I embraced her, kissed her and said, 'par aapko maza bhi toh bahut aaya hoga' (But you must have also enjoyed a lot)'Haan isliye ab koi afsos nahi' (yes and therefore no regrets now) and she happily kissed both of us and we slept like logs, hugging her from both sides.Bouquets and brickbats are most welcome. Your few word of appreciation will encourage me to write further. Please do post your comments on the site or mail me at

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